Dietetic feed for calves in case of diarrhea.






1 bottle of 500 ml= 3 calves

Hydrelec can do this thanks to its unique composition:

-          Hydrelec is a liquid gel. This type of advanced presentation allows the use of special less soluble ingredients and higher concentrations.

-          A perfect electrolyte balance  with a SID (Strong Ion Difference) = 75.

 SID-values < 75 do not give a good rehydration.

-          Essential ions such as sodium, potassium, chlorine. And glucose to assure their absorption.

-          Organic acids instead of bicarbonate as buffers. This gives a much better coagulation of the milk in the stomach. And this good coagulation is a must for the digestion of the milk.

-          The gel guarantees a perfect mix in milk, without clotting. This, together with a good coagulation, make it possible not to interrupt the milk feeding.

-          Extra energy because of the good digestion of the milk and the extra glucose from Hydrelec itself.

-          Mix 2 dosing cups (2 x 20 ml) with 2 liters of milk (or water)

(for suckler cows 2 dosing cups can be given directly into the mouth)

-          Give these 2 liters to drink to the calf

-          Do this 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening

-          Duration of the treatment: 2 days, or longer if needed


Advantages of HYDRELEC


-          Easy to use

o   Liquid form – mixes immedialtely

o   No need to dissolve powder first

o   Simple dosing cup

o   saves time and labour

-          Very tasty

-          Don’t stop milk feeding

o   Extra energy

o   Improves  immune system

o   No loss of lactase (enzyme) activity

o   No weight loss

o   No separation of mother and calf

-          No clogging of the milk, no clogged teats

-          Organic acids

o   good coagulation of the milk in the stomach

o   Good digestion of the milk

o   stops pathogenic bacteria

-          Buffers avoid acidosis

-          Stops dehydration

-          Perfect electrolyte balance

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