Chelated trace minerals poultry for extra growth

Minerals poultry and their effective boost.

Copper, Zinc and Manganese are essential trace minerals that play a role in many biological processes in the body. They are needed for better immunity, growth, bone development. Zinc, Copper and Manganese used in Trace-Fizz are in a chelated form to assure a very good absorption by the animal. In moments of stress, such as start up, change of diet, moulting, these trace minerals poultry are needed in a higher concentration.

High levels of


Good and immediate distribution in the drinking water

High absorption thanks to the chelated form of the minerals

Easy to dose: 

1 tablet per 1 000 liters during 3 to 5 days

Packaging : 20 tablets of 100 g

trace mineral poultry tablet for production

Chelated trace minerals poultry for extra growth

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