mastitis bolus to prevent mastitis sheep in stress moments

Mastitis bolus

Subclinical mastitis is the precursor of clinical mastitis and antibiotic use. This goes hand in hand with milk spillage in the form of production stop. Losing money on a cow is never good business. Mastitis bolus as a prevention is being used in dairy farms protocols at an increasing rate. Hence the recommendation of using a mastitis bolus in order prevent clinical mastitis. 

Consists of essential oils from different herbs and garlic extracts with natural antibiotic activities. The mastitis bolus releases a high dose of natural antibiotics on a daily base. The bolus is the solution for the reduction of antibiotics in farms. Mastitis prevention will be visual in the lower costs per cow and an increase in milk production.

The solution is Mammitop Bolus:

  • Prevents mastitis
  • Indicated use in cases of subclinical mastitis
  • Works for 3 weeks
  • No veterinary prescription needed
  • No resistance possible
  • No waiting time for milk or meat


1 Mammitop mastitis bolus 2 weeks before giving birth
1 Mammitop mastitis bolus in situation with increasing cell count or LDH-values


20 Mammitop boluses of 10 g.

mastitis bolus for sheep

mastitis bolus to prevent mastitis sheep in stress moments

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